Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy contained herein outlines how youriptoday deals with the collection of data, and our use of cookies. These policies are consistent with existing and agreed-upon global standards for a reasonable degree of privacy and safety online for all of our end users.

Collection of Data

All data collected by youriptoday is non-personally identifiable, which broadly includes data sets such as your IP address, most recently-visited URL as a point of origin, the name of your internet service provider, some computer settings including screen resolution, and a non-specific indicator of your geographic location (i.e. the nearest city connected to your IP/ISP rather than a specific address). None of this information, as previously stated, can be used to personally identify you and youriptoday does not build individualized profiles of its end users based on any of this information.

None of the aforementioned information will be sold to third party advertisers or other services. The only data youriptoday will share with third party services like Google Analytics is a baseline of web traffic data to allow for accurate analytics and to help detect any issues there may be with the service we are providing.

Cookie Policy

When visiting youriptoday, some digital information we provide may be stored on your computer in the form of “cookies”. Cookies are small pieces of saved, digital information that allow for fast, specific, and accurate return visits to websites. They do not relay any information back to us, and as such do not act as any form of spyware.

Cookies are optional; your browser likely has built-in features to disable the saving of cookies on your computer. For specifics on how to do this with your browser, enter “disable cookies + browser” into any search engine.